Why should I use an Optical Fiber Light Line?

The FiberOptic LightLine converts area illumination, like a spot output of a light source, to a line shaped illumination. This is desired in line scan camera applications, where a homogenous, thin, bright light is required to acquire high-quality images.

FiberOptic permits a very high glass fiber density and random distribution of the fibers across the line to give a very stable uniform profile. The line lights are compatible with all IntraLED light sources. FiberOptic also offers customized designs for fiber optics solutions, especially for high temperature environments.

Reasons to use the FiberOptic LightLine

  • Highly homogenous light output
    Extremely even illumination thanks to the highly randomized distribution of the fibers.

  • Different illumination angles possible
    The device is designed as a robust V profile that allows for shallow illumination angles.
    This way, the LightLine can be used either as bright field or dark field illumination.

  • Beam shaping option
    With an optional rod lens, the working distance as well as the line width can be appropriately modified.

  • Easy integration
    The LightGuide fibers are mechanically and optically compatible to all IntraLED light sources, in order to simplify integration.
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