Fiber Optic Assembly Inc.

specializes in borosilicate and plastic multimode optical fiber assemblies

We have over 30 years of experience in the design, fabrication, testing, and delivery of OEM solutions. We are a spinoff of a major west coast manufacturer and include the former VP of Engineering and Head of Production. 

High quality products


Our experienced team of engineers and production staff can provide prototypes to volume production runs.

We are proud to provide fast lead times, great quality, and competitive pricing.

A human will always answer our landlines during standard business hours:-)

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On the left is a highly randomized bundle, which is a shuffling of the fibers. Also called salt&pepper, we do this on low volume production even though it adds a bit of girth to the bundle. On volume production it adds a bit of cost.


Shown are PVC, PVC Monocoil, and Stainless Steel Interlock (SSI) jackets.

Light Lines (Spot to Line)

Light lines in multiple configurations and shapes create a uniform line of light, typically used for web or particle inspection.


Shown is an SMA type of connector commonly used for 1mm or smaller diameter bundles.

Standard Light Guides

Off-the-Shelf fiber optic flexible light guides.

Fiber Assembly Processing

Polishing is one of the many processes in fabricating a fiber bundle. Other processes include machining, applying adhesive, baking, testing, and inspection.

Ring Lights for Microscopes, Tissue Illumination, and Dental Cameras

Shadow-free illumination for different applications.

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