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Assembly Oximetry is a non-invasive, simple, and trustworthy technology. At Fiber Optics Assy, we help companies to develop quality oximetry tools for the medical industry. We provide our clients with OEM services that allow them to offer different oximetry products, from diverse sizes and options for various assemblies of the body, that apply for several […]

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UV Curing

UV Curing ​ Dental imaging has been a strong ally for dental care providers for many years. Having access to this type of technology provides instant results for a diagnosis of dental health. An oral exam is usually accompanied by X-rays or other dental imaging techniques. Fiber Optic Dental Imaging brings a new opportunity to

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Surgical Headsets The Fiber Optic Surgical headsets are made as an aid for health care providers. Made from dependable, rugged, but comfortable materials, Fiber Optics Assy medical headlamp systems offer comfort, long-term balance, a wide focus range, and a powerful light spot. Surgical headsets are used in the medical field as a surgeon headlight aka

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Jackets At Fiber Optics Assy, we specialize in fiber optic design and manufacturing. We provide the medical industry with many special parts. For the dermatological spectroscopy field, we offer from basic lab-grade manual monochromators to completely included, completely robotized imaging spectrographs with various gratings we offer a total line of items for spectroscopy applications and

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Connectors A light-emitting diode or LED is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. At Fiber Optics Assy, we specialize in designing and manufacturing fiber optic lighting, including LED lighting for many different uses and equipment. LED and Halogen illuminators have similar qualities, such as flexibility and compactness, however, LED

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Standard Light Guides

Standard Light Guides For help with quotes for your existing drawings, delivery, pricing, and quality, please ask for Javier. For help with questions about design or applications, please ask for Todd. For quotes, info about our products and sales, please ask for Xochitl. 703 Arroyo Ave. Unit #B San Fernando CA 91340 Monday to Friday

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Oximetry is a medical test  able to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood. A sensor is placed on the end of a person’s toe, finger, or skin elsewhere so it can measure the amount of oxygen in the blood flowing in the tiny blood vessels. Nowadays with Coronavirus the market for oximeters has

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