Fiber Optic Light Pipe or Light Guide

Light guides are used to distribute light from the source to a particular area that requires illumination. They can transmit light signals though internal reflections and they are made up of a transparent material (glass or plastic) and thin filaments.

Light pipe technology, in the other hand, utilizes clear plastic tubes that transmit light from a light source. There are two basic styles of LED light pipes – rigid and flexible – and both are capable of redirecting light with minimal loss of concentration.

Let’s see the advantages of both of them.

Advantages of Light Guide

  • Cost: cost savings in energy consumption.
  • Design: thinness of the product, efficient, fits in tight spaces
  • Performance: uniformly lit appearance

Advantages of Light Pipe

  • Cost: low cost
  • Design: design flexibility, efficient, easy to install
  • Performance: low glare, uniform illumination, can diffuse or redirect light. Light pipes transmit up to 80% of emitted light with excellent visual performance.
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