Light Lines

Light lines are frequently used to “pick up” scattered or reflecting light from laser and rotating mirror combinations. In scanning applications, it is common to convert an optical path from a spot to a line. This allows a photodetector with a round or square active area to receive input from a long linear array. In machine vision lighting, an inexpensive projector bulb can illuminate the entire width of a document or web.

Our light guides are made with the highest quality in components. Our annular fiber-optic light guides provide shadow-free circular lighting. We offer a wide range of fiber optic light guides in sizes and pre-selected lengths designed to work with both our LED and Halogen Illuminators.

Fiber Optics Assy manufactures light lines in multiple configurations and shapes. Dual, triple, and quad (or more) heads, unique housing/fixturing shapes and sizes, bundles of varying lengths, the fiber of various types, and line widths of varying sizes can be produced to your specifications or one we develop for you.

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