Standard Light Guides

For help with quotes for your existing drawings, delivery, pricing, and quality, please ask for Javier. For help with questions about design or applications, please ask for Todd. For quotes, info about our products and sales, please ask for Xochitl.

703 Arroyo Ave. Unit #B San Fernando CA 91340

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8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fiber Optics Assy specializes in manufacturing LED Fiber Optic Light Guides, a type of fiber optic bundle commonly used for spectroscopy applications including spectrometers, light sources, accessories, and related equipment.

We produce thousands of different fiber optic flexible light guides using multimode step-index glass, plastic, and silica (quartz) fiber for all markets we serve.

Multimode fiber optic cables feature a larger core, typically 30-200 micrometers. This allows multiple modes of light to propagate. The large active area provides significantly increased throughput over single-mode fibers. Both step index and graded index fiber types are offered for multimode applications.

We work on demand for special applications for flexible fiber-optic light guides. You may change the length, sheathing material, bundle diameter, and fiber type. You may also specify custom fittings for either or both ends. Any flexible light pipe may have the fibers randomized for optimal uniformity. Our flexible light pipes are used in a wide variety of applications such as laser, spectroscopy, medical, commercial, military, and machine vision.

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