Oximetry is a medical test  able to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood. A sensor is placed on the end of a person’s toe, finger, or skin elsewhere so it can measure the amount of oxygen in the blood flowing in the tiny blood vessels. Nowadays with Coronavirus the market for oximeters has increased with people buying oximeters for their own home, getting a quicker test before leaving home. Fiber optic based oximeters specialize in environments where LED based oximeters don’t work, like inside an MRI.

Now, why is important this medical test?

The results are important for the patient to check that is not losing oxygen in the blood, losing oxygen would mean a risk of brain damage or heart failure, and the fact that, there’s a phenomenon where a person with COVID-19 can have very low oxygen levels but otherwise appear well. It’s concerning because these patients may be more significantly ill than they feel, certainly warranting closer attention in a medical setting. A healthy body should never fall below 95% oxygen saturation, with the oximeter you can detect even the minor changes as 1%.

You can count on us for the finest designs and fabrication of your oximeters to guarantee your clients the best performance.

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